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News - June 24, 2021

Second round of Pandemic EBT program mailed to eligible families

A second round of Pandemic EBT benefits to help fight food insecurity among Alabama’s children is on the way.

The Alabama Department of Human Resources says cards containing the benefits will be mailed to families with school age children who lost access to meals from the National School Lunch Program last year because their school switched to virtual learning or closed completely.

There was no application required for this program, all K through 12 students who missed out on free or reduced-price school meals during the pandemic are eligible.

“If you have a table of four one child is not eating and that was before the pandemic the pandemic unveiled a plethora of issues related to food security and hunger in our state” says Alabama Arise Hunger Advocacy Coordinator Celida Soto Garcia.

P-EBT will ensure that children receive benefits equal to the National School Lunch Program reimbursement rate, which is $6.82 per day for each eligible child.

Alabama Arise, a non profit advocacy organization fighting for the rights of low income Alabamians says this help is desperately needed across the state of Alabama.

“Its to offer a safety net while children are out of school and then once they return to school they will be receiving meals from schools,” says Garcia.

Garcia commends the state agencies who worked to quickly implement the P-EBT program and says now its about educating parents of what to expect.

“Since they used the same card with very small variations nationwide, the card itself is white with black lettering and doesn’t really have too many specifications but the document that the state of Alabama and DHR released is extremely informative,” says Garcia.

The benefits are available for 365 days from the issue date and are non-transferable. Children may continue to access meals from local school districts while receiving P-EBT benefits.

For questions related to P-EBT, contact Alabama DHR at 1-800-410-5827.

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