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Travel - May 17, 2021

Potpourri: Spain Version

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Within the means of doing analysis, I usually come throughout varied tales that are fascinating however may not be worthy of a full episode. They’re extra like snippets than tales.

Occasionally I save these items up for a particular episode as a result of I actually hate to let issues go to waste. 

So with out additional ado, right here is the Spanish potpourri episode of The whole lot All over the place Each day.


This episode is sponsored by the Vacationer Workplace of Spain.

Previously, I’ve talked about totally different points of what Spain has to supply. Meals, festivals, historical past, seashores, mountains, museums, eating places, and stay leisure. 

There’s a motive why over 82 million individuals a yr go to Spain, making it the second most visited nation on the planet. 

In the event you’ve been to Spain, you already know what I’m speaking about. In the event you haven’t been to Spain, you then owe it to your self to go to.

You can begin researching your dream journey to Spain right now by visiting Spain.data the place you will get every thing you want to know to plan your Spanish journey.

As soon as once more, that’s Spain.data


Our first story on this episode has to do with the borders of Spain.

Most international locations have set, established borders. They’ve labored out a take care of their neighbors and there may be an settlement as to the place one nation ends and the subsequent nation begins. 

For Spain, that is largely the case as properly. Nevertheless, there may be one notable exception. 

The border between France and Spain is about and it largely goes via the Pyrenese Mountains. The far western finish of the border, nevertheless, is the Bidasoa river. For about 10 kilometers, beginning on the Atlantic Ocean, the river serves because the border. 

In the midst of the river is an island often known as Pheasant Island. It’s a actually small island with no actual significance exterior of its geographic oddness. It’s only about 200 meters by 40 meters in measurement, there are not any buildings on the island, and nobody lives there. 

Usually, when there may be an island in the midst of a river that serves as a border, you will have two choices: 1) you place the border someplace down the center of the island, or 2) all the island is given to 1 nation or the opposite. 

The Spanish and the French, nevertheless, went for choice quantity 3.

In 1659, Spain and France signed the Treaty of the Pyrenees, which was the conclusion to the 25-year-long Franco-Spanish Warfare.

The ultimate treaty signing ceremony occurred on Pheasant Island with each Louis XIV of France and Philip IV of Spain in attendance. 

The settlement was to share the island. Nevertheless, they don’t share it on the similar time. 

From February 1 via July 31, the island is part of Spain, and from August 1 via January 31, it is part of France.

There’s nothing on the island apart from a marker that acknowledges the treaty signed there. 

The native communities from France and Spain every entry the island as soon as each six months to wash up litter, however that’s about it. The remainder of the yr nobody else is allowed on the island. 

The island is slowly eroding from the river and in some unspecified time in the future sooner or later, there may not even be an island to share.

Story quantity two has to do with Christopher Columbus. 

All of you already know who Christopher Columbus is and why he’s well-known. This story isn’t about that. 

Columbus died in 1506 on the age of 54 within the city of Valladolid, Spain.

Columbus was buried in a convent in Valladolid which was the closest place he could possibly be buried

Nevertheless, his son Diego needed his physique buried in Seville, so it was moved someday round 1509 to the convent at La Cartuja, an island in a river close to Seville. 

Then round 1513, the physique was moved to the Cathedral of Seville. 

Columbus’s want was to be buried within the New World. On the time of his loss of life, there wasn’t wherever within the New World which was dignified sufficient for his tomb.

By 1537, nevertheless, Santo Domingo, the oldest metropolis within the Western Hemisphere, had constructed a cathedral and the stays of Columbus have been despatched throughout the Atlantic to reside there. 

Over time, Santo Domingo lessened in significance to the Spanish Empire. In 1795 Spain ceded all of Hispaniola, together with Santo Domingo, to the French. 

The physique of Columbus was too necessary to be left behind, so it was as soon as once more moved, to Havana, Cuba. 

Then in 1898, Cuba grew to become impartial, and Columbus made his final journey throughout the Atlantic, as soon as once more again to Spain and the Seville cathedral. 

The issue was, over the centuries, issues grew to become…..confused.

In 1887, staff within the Santo Domingo cathedral discovered a heavy lead field with the phrases “Illustrious and distinguished male, don Cristobal Colon.” Contained in the field was a partial set of male human stays. 

Everybody in Santo Domingo simply assumed it was Columbus’s stays. The stays suffered arthritis-like signs as Columbus did, and so individuals in Santo Domingo claimed that it was nonetheless the stays of Columbus. In 1992, they transferred their stays to a brand new constructing known as the Columbus Lighthouse, which was supposed to be a mausoleum for Columbus. 

Nevertheless, Seville additionally claimed to be the burial website of Columbus. Contained in the Cathedral of Seville, there’s a enormous mausoleum for Columbus as properly. 

In 2003, the stays contained in the Seville crypt had their DNA examined. The stays have been similar to the DNA discovered within the tombs of Columbus’s brother and son. 

As of right now, the stays in Santo Domingo haven’t been examined. 

So, the stays of Columbus are in all probability in Seville, however there’s a concept that his stays are literally in each cities. 

Except the DNA in Santo Domingo may be examined, we’ll by no means actually know for certain. 

The third story has to do with one thing in Spain which is a somewhat distinctive customized to the nation. Time for dinner. 

In the event you’ve been to Spain, you’ll know that they have a tendency to eat dinner unusually late. It’s not in any respect unusual for individuals in Spain to eat dinner round 9, 10, or 11 within the night. 

It isn’t simply eating places. Primetime tv doesn’t even begin till 10:30.

So why is every thing in Spain so late within the night? 

There are two causes for it. 

The primary is that Spain is basically within the incorrect time zone. In the event you have a look at a map, Spain is in the identical time zone as Germany and Poland. But, they’re south of Eire and Britain and hooked up to Portugal,  all of that are in a time zone one hour earlier. 

Why is Spain within the time zone that it’s in? Again in World Warfare II, Franco adjusted the time zone of Spain so it was on the identical time as the remainder of Europe.

After the battle, they simply by no means bothered to alter the time zone again. The consequence was that at sundown, it was a lot afterward the clock than it was in the remainder of Europe. 

The second motive has to do with the Spanish custom of the siesta. Most individuals in Spain take a two-hour break between 2 and 4 within the afternoon the place they go residence and take a protracted lunch. Historically, they might additionally take a nap.

Nevertheless, most individuals don’t truly nap anymore. 

The result’s that the workday in Spain usually begins at 9 am and doesn’t finish till 8 pm, primarily as a result of the two hours in the midst of the day doesn’t rely as a part of the workday. 

There’s a motion to each change the time zone and to do away with the siesta. The time zone change could be simpler to perform as a result of it’s only a matter of fixing the time by regulation.

Eliminating the siesta, nevertheless, could be a far better problem as it’s a cultural change. 

Many eating places in Spain, particularly these that are in vacationer areas, do open early to cater to non-Spaniards who wish to eat at round 7 or 8 pm. Nevertheless, be ready to eat somewhat later if you’re in an space with out vacationers. 

Additionally, don’t be shocked if shops are closed between 2 and 4. Simply come again later within the night and they’ll in all probability be open.


The affiliate producer of The whole lot All over the place Each day is Thor Thomsen.

Right now’s five-star overview comes from listener Simon P over at Podcast Republic. They write:

What a superb podcast. I tune in from Victoria BC, Canada, and actually take pleasure in that your podcast has a really well-researched, and worldwide focus. thanks for the tutorial listening.

Thanks Simon! I’m glad you take pleasure in it. The world is a giant place, and you’ll’t actually perceive the world with out wanting past your borders. 

Keep in mind should you go away a 5-star overview, you can also have your overview learn on the present. 

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