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Traditionally, a military might have days, weeks, and even months to organize for warfare. 

Nevertheless, with the event of intercontinental missiles and nuclear weapons, the time for preparation was diminished to hours and even minutes. 

In gentle of those adjustments, it was essential to develop a system that allowed for speedy mobilization and readiness. 

Study extra concerning the DEFCON system, and the historical past of its degree adjustments, on this episode of Every little thing All over the place Each day.


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In 1957, the United States and Canada introduced the creation of the North American Aerospace Protection Command or NORAD. Their mission was to watch the skies above North America, primarily to detect incoming Soviet bombers or missiles.

As a part of the event of the command, they created a warning system so they may mobilize protection forces at a second’s discover.

Nevertheless, the primary system put in place was very complicated and complex. It consisted of three readiness ranges and subdivided into eight situations.

This was rapidly changed in 1959 with a simplified alert system of 5 completely different ranges of readiness. This was often called the Protection Readiness Situation or DEFCON. 

The DEFCON system allowed for navy models all over the world to rapidly undertake a state of readiness no matter what situations may develop on the world stage. 

The DEFCON ranges are numbered one by way of 5. Opposite to widespread perception, the bottom state of readiness is DEFCON 5. 

If somebody says they’re going to go DEFCON 5, what they’re actually saying is that they’re going to stand down. 

So, what does every DEFCON degree symbolize? 

DEFCON 5 is the bottom state of readiness. As I write this, that’s the present DEFCON degree. Hopefully, if you hearken to this, it’ll even be at DEFCON 5. 

DEFCON 5 has been the default state of readiness because the finish of the Chilly Warfare. 

When drills are performed, there are train names used rather than DEFCON ranges, so there isn’t a confusion as to orders executed throughout the train versus precise operational orders. The train identify for DEFCON 5 is FADEOUT. 

DEFCON 4 was a standard degree of readiness for ICBM websites throughout the Chilly Warfare. It’s outlined formally as “Elevated intelligence watch and strengthened safety measures”. 

DEFCON 4 may be introduced if there’s an airstrike and there are issues about potential retaliation at a navy base. Issues may go on increased alert, however most individuals would haven’t any clue that something was completely different. 

The train time period for DEFCON 4 is DOUBLE TAKE.

DEFCON 3 is a a lot increased state of readiness. That is one thing that very not often occurs. Pilots may be in flight fits on standby with their orders. Troopers in missile silos may shut the blast doorways. 

Whereas most individuals, even navy forces won’t even discover DEFCON 4, virtually everybody in uniform will concentrate on  DEFCON 3. 

The train time period for DEFCON 3 is ROUND HOUSE. 

If issues get to DEFCON 2, it’s fairly unhealthy. DEFCON 2 is the subsequent step to warfare. 

At DEFCON 2, there are bombers within the air. The president might be in Air Power One or is on their strategy to a secure location. 

Everybody on the earth with entry to digital media will in all probability concentrate on no matter is occurring if issues get to DEFCON 2.

The train identify for DEFCON 2 is FAST Tempo.

DEFCON 1 is mainly a nuclear warfare. At DEFCON 1 there would in all probability be air raid sirens going off, the emergency broadcast system might be blaring, and everybody could be requested to go to a shelter. 

Any and all contingency plans for any degree of presidency could be carried out. 

The train identify for DEFCON 1 is COCKED PISTOL.

I ought to notice that the DEFCON ranges solely apply to nuclear warfare, not regular typical navy conflicts. 

Additionally, DEFCON ranges aren’t essentially world. Particular areas, or branches of the navy, will be positioned at completely different DEFCON ranges. 

Within the 60 years that the DEFCON system has been in place, there have solely been a handful of occasions the place the DEFCON degree has been positioned at 3 or increased. 

DEFCON 3 was declared on October 25, 1973, throughout the Yom Kippur Warfare between Israel and a number of other Arab international locations. 

The USA was involved about Soviet involvement within the warfare on the facet of their Arab allies. They needed to make a sudden and dramatic gesture to point to the Soviets that they had been severe and that they’d stop such an motion.

They did this by placing all US forces at DEFCON 3. Reviews from troopers serving on the time point out that almost all of them assumed that it was a drill, however when there have been no officers round to watch, they knew one thing was up. 

US forces regularly stood down over the subsequent few days and weeks, with the final forces going off DEFCON 3 on November 17. 

The second use of DEFCON 3 was in 1976, but it surely was restricted to forces in South Korea. This was in response to the Demilitarized Zone Ax Homicide incident which would be the topic of a future episode. Few folks exterior of South Korea even knew this occurred, and DEFCON 3 standing was just for a single day.

The third and most up-to-date time DEFCON 3 was reached was on September 11, 2001, after the terrorist assaults on New York and Washington. All US forces worldwide had been positioned at DEFCON 3. 

Whereas the DEFCON system wasn’t developed for terrorist threats, it was the one instrument accessible to place world forces, particularly navy bases, on alert and to get them to safe their perimeters.  

Within the first few hours after the assault, there was an excessive amount of confusion, so elevating the DEFCON degree was the best strategy to put everybody in a state of readiness.  The phrase additionally went out that DEFCON 2 was a risk, however that by no means occurred. 

Have issues ever escalated to DEFCON 2? 

The reply is sure, and it has occurred twice. In neither case, nevertheless, was a world DEFCON 2 degree established. 

The primary time was throughout the Cuban Missile Disaster on October 16, 1962. NORAD and the Strategic Air Command had been positioned at DEFCON 2 and all different forces worldwide had been positioned at DEFCON 3. 

All forces stayed at this degree till November 15, once they stood down and the disaster was over.

The one different time forces had been put at DEFCON 2 was in 1991 in the beginning of Operation Desert Storm. This utilized solely to forces within the Center East who had been within the theater of fight.

As for DEFCON 1, that fortunately has by no means occurred, and hopefully, it by no means will. If it ever does, I’m certain you gained’t want a podcast to inform you it occurred.

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